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About AfriCloset

>> An economic empowerment platform for worldwide exchange of African treasures.

Buy with Confidence

>>Africloset has no tolerance for scammers which is why not only do we have a photo id of all sellers, we do a video chat to be sure face matches photo.


Report Fradulent Seller or any other activity.

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Items. View items from Sellers Worldwide.

>> Most of the items are shipped directly from the Sellers from their respective countries.  Others are Warehoused in Georgia at AfriCloset Headquarters.

See Seller's location on Product or Seller's Profile Page


Contact Seller made easy 3 ways. Click:

A.  Ask Question on Product Page

B.  Ask Question on Seller's Profile

C.  Contact Tab on Seller's Profile

Be sure to contact seller prior to ANY purchase so you are sure of your purchase.


AfriCloset Worldwide Parties

>> coming soon


Once a quarter, AfriCloset has a Pop-up Shop in Lilburn, Georgia with Authentic African Cuisine provided by Sheba Foods and Music.  Buyers can buy discounted food tickets prior to event or pay in full on day of event.


Shopping Cart

>>> Add as many products to cart from multiple sellers.



>>  Pickup from Seller - no shipping cost.

>>  FEDEX, DHL or Seller's shipping option.


when is item shipped after buyer pays?


Order Issues

Contact Seller.  If no resolution, contact us.


Pickup from Seller, pay directly.

All Credit Cards.  NO PAYPAL.  Unfortunately, there are fradulent buyers can.  They get the product, tell paypal a story, get a refund and keep the product. 


Return Policy

Please review each product and Seller's return policy.

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